Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cast Iron Apple Pie

Here is a favorite recipe of mine that everyone goes nuts over.  Baking the pie in a cast iron skillet allows the brown sugar and butter base to caramelize into a big, gooey, praline like apple pie.  Makes you feel like an honest to goodness lumber jack when you take it out of the oven.   And so downright sinfully rich, you'll need to attend church after devouring it.  

                                            Cast Iron Apple Pie                           
 2lbs. granny smith apples
2lbs. braeburn or gala apples
3/4C sugar
2Tblsp.  instant tapioca
1tsp. Vietnamese cinnamon
1/2tsp. freshly grated nutmeg
grated peel of half of a lemon

Melt one stick of butter and one cup of brown sugar in the cast iron skillet.  Lay half of a double pie crust over the melted mixture in the pan and form it up the sides.  Add in the apple mixture and put the top crust over that, tucking in the edges .   Brush egg white on top of pie and sprinkle sugar and more nutmeg .  Cut about 6 vents and bake at 350 for one hour and 10 minutes.   Make sure to use foil as a drip pan under pie while baking.  Cool  about one hour. 

My Mom's Pie Crust Recipe
2C flour, 1/3C +2T Crisco, 1/2tsp. salt, 6T cold water
Cut shortening into dry with pastry cutter till pea sized.
Add in water, I mix with my hands and knead several times till smooth.  Divide in half and use for double crust pie.

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  1. This is beautiful! Lumberjacks and church...okay, I must try it then! (: