Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tomato Soup for the Soul

    This morning I went out to pick up an old maple bar stool just like the one my Grandmoma used to have.   I found it on Craig's list and just had to have it.  As a child, I would sit in the worn bar stool that swiveled as I watched my Grandmoma orchestrate an entertaining production of one of her concoctions.  She would tap her wooden spoon on the soup pot as if she were conducting some sort of symphony.  The steam and aroma of her blessed soups would swirl about the kitchen and  felt like a warm, comforting blanket,  a welcome home as she placed it before us in bowls of her  inexpensive china with rose borders.  A quick giggle and a twinkling in her eyes.  Her soup was her love to us.  The bar stool lovingly placed in my kitchen brought back memories of  my happy childhood spent with her.  A good, rainy day for memories and some Tomato Soup.
                                         Easy Tomato Soup
  1. Take some fresh, washed tomatoes from the garden.
  2. Cut them up in large chunks and place in a blender with about 1/2 Cup water.
  3. Puree until smooth.
  4. Pour into large enough pot and add a hunk of butter ( about 2 T )
  5. Add in some herbs, I like dried thyme, a little oregano, S &P  and I like to use Adobo seasoning, just shake some in.  
  6. Simmer very low for the flavors to incorporate together for about 15 min.  
  7. Make sure to add water or chicken broth to your desired thickness and add in a little milk, about 1/2 Cup.
  8. Simmer a little bit and serve.  I like grated cheddar on top.
  9. Curl up with your kitties and take a nap.

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